Davina McCall kept her 'Doctor Who' role secret from her own children.

Davina McCall played herself in Doctor Who but didn't even tell her kids beforehand

Davina McCall played herself in Doctor Who but didn't even tell her kids beforehand

The 56-year-old star - who has three kids with ex-husband Matthew Robertson - played a fictionalised version of herself in the festive special 'The Church on Ruby Road', and at one point in the episode seemingly got killed off by a falling Christmas Tree before Ncuti Gatwa's Time Lord saved the day.

Asked to share a secret, she told Woman and Home magazine: "People know most things about me!

"The last big secret I had was when I was in the 'Doctor Who' Christmas special. I didn't even tell my kids until it was announced."

Despite not having secrets, the former 'Big Brother' host does have some surprising talents, particularly in the world of music.

She said: "I play the piano and very basic clarinet.

"We have a piano in the house and I'm classically trained, while [partner Michael Douglas] is more like 'pick up the chords and play along.'

"We're quite different in our styles but he's amazing."

Despite not having any secrets, Davina recalled one moment she could have done without people finding out about as she revealed her most embarrassing memory.

She confessed: "I went for a wee between two cars when I was out with friends one night.

"I was crouched down, and one of the cars turned its lights on and caught me out."

Still, Davina insisted she has no regrets, and is embracing the way people like Miriam Margolyes grow old.

Reflecting on ageing, she explained: "The worst thing is still feeling young but your body telling you you're not!

"The best thing is joining the 'Zero F****' club. It's risky but it's very feeling.

"Miriam Margolyes is the best example of a woman doing it that I've ever seen."