Holby City

Holby City

Mark is worried after Daisha hasn’t turned up for her shift and no one has heard from her. She was due back at work today and today is the day she is to give her baby up for adoption. After exploring every avenue he could think of, Mark’s turned to the police for help, but instead of help he seems to be getting the third degree. ‘When did you last see Daisha? What frame of mind was she in? How was she with the baby? Are you the father of the baby? Were you having a relationship with this girl? Have you any idea where she is?’ Mark does his best to be helpful but he really doesn’t know anything. ‘Do you know why she might have taken off? Could it be to do with your relationship with her?’ He insists that she is his lodger but the police don’t seem to believe him. Mark is at the end of his tether and fears that Daisha may have done something stupid –she did try and overdose when she found out she was pregnant after all.

Faye arrives at Holby, Joseph hasn’t seen her since the Christmas party and he wonders where she has been. Joseph sees Faye and tries to figure out what is happening between them both, as he has found out that Faye has been doing night shifts to avoid him. Faye explains that it is over and she can’t do it anymore. Joseph is gutted – he loves Faye more than anything.

Ric walks into the consultant’s office to find Michael sitting at his desk, looking shocked to see him. Ric then wonders why the blinds are down. Ric and Michael chat briefly before Ric heads out, at which point Annalese emerges from under the desk, smoothing her skirt and enjoying the moment she goes over and kisses Michael and she starts to loosen his tie. Ric returns having forgotten something and is surprised to see Annalese there he shakes his head and quickly makes himself scarce.

Mark continues to ring around anyone that might have seen Daisha but he has to sort out a problem on ITU. Mark is clearly having trouble focussing; his mind is so concentrated on Daisha. At the same time Linden is dealing with more family issues with Callie and her husband, Adrian. Adrian ’s conscience is pricking him and he’s desperate to set things straight with Callie now that she’s out of her coma. Linden is worried that this is not the right time. She needs to recuperate further before they start having these sorts of conversations. But Adrian is adamant – he can’t live with what he’s done and in his desperation for Linden to understand he explains how he hit her on the night of the accident. He needs to beg for her forgiveness. Linden tries to calm him down but is having trouble managing him. Linden signals for Mark to help him.

Faye and Joseph continue their rounds but there is obviously friction between them. Elliot winces as this is the last thing he needs. Connie grabs a word with Elliot – what the hell’s going on between Faye and Joseph? Elliot tries to tentatively explain that they’ve split up and they’re just working out their differences. Connie snaps back as Jac enters the room. Jac catches the end of this but smiles innocently. Elliot thinks there’s very little he can do – its not his problem, its Faye and Joseph’s.

Adrian rushes past Linden to Callie. He has to tell her and is just about to do so when Linden distracts him. Later Linden tells Adrian he doesn’t think Callie remembers he hit her. Adrian isn’t sure if he should he say something or not. Linden is perturbed but he knows that he can’t get involved. Linden then turns to Mark, it’s mayhem in the ward and Mark’s wandering around like he’s got his head in the clouds. Mark explains that he’s doing his best but he looks really troubled as he’s got bigger issues.

Michael seems to be working well with Annalese on the wards until she comes up with a suggestion of how to do things a little differently. Her suggestion is forward thinking, but Michael disagrees with it. This is probably because he considers himself to be the man who has the forward thinking ideas and he’s not ready to accept one from his wife. But Annalese doesn’t back down, and we see what Michael likes about her as she has a mind of her own and the two of them fire off each other. But Michael’s never had this in a work situation before … this is a whole new experience for him.

Meanwhile, Elliot thinks he may be a touch old-fashioned but he does know a thing or two about romance – he is determined to get Faye and Joseph to sort out their problems. Elliot is meant to be taking his patient into theatre with Jac but bumps her for Joseph in order to speak to him, much to Jac’s chagrin. Elliot tentatively broaches the subject with Joseph who explains the situation to Elliot, who tries to give some tips on how to get her back. Elliot explains that Faye is feeling the pressure at the moment as Archie has to have an operation to remove stones from his bladder.

Meanwhile Rachel has found Daisha’s emergency contact, her mother, and made a call. Rachel not knowing Daisha’s background accidently tells her about Baby Joe. Mark can’t believe what she has done, but sees that she was only doing it to help and didn’t know.

Michael spots Ric and suggests Annalese’s idea. Does he dare go behind Annalese’s back? He does and informs Ric that he’s heard rumours on the floor of a different way of approaching the patients. Ric, however, surprises Michael saying he is always open to hearing about new ways of doing things. Ric tells Michael to get the suggestions down and present them to him as a proposal and he’ll make his own mind up.

Meanwhile, Joseph researches camps for children with disabilities. He wants to show Faye he cares and wants Archie to feel as comfortable as possible. Faye appreciates Joseph’s kind nature but she can’t accept that from him.

Linden is trying to stop this family from falling apart. A riled Mark sounds off at Linden as he should cut him some slack as he’s really worried about Daisha – she’s been missing for hours. Linden calms Mark, “she’s bound to turn up, she probably wanted a bit of space to say goodbye to the baby.” says Linden .

Elliot pages both Faye and Joseph saying he needs to meet them. They both arrive and find a glass of pickles in the middle of the room. Both Faye and Joseph are tense and wonder what the hell Elliot is playing at. Just before things start to get nasty, Elliot apologises as he should have kept out of their affairs. He just wanted to help and he now realises he’s made things worse. He offers them a pickle and explains that when times got hard from him and Gina the glass of pickles would come out and they would sort out their differences. Faye and Joseph each take a pickle and talk about their future.

Meanwhile there is still no sign of Daisha, Linden warns Mark that a young woman has been found in the river. Mark thinks the worst- has Daisha done something stupid. Mark is losing his mind. The young woman is brought in - Mark has to know if it’s Daisha. He pulls back the sheet – it’s not Daisha. Mark is relieved.

Michael surreptitiously writes up a quick memo unknown to Annalese. Ric takes it and disappears into his office. Ric emerges and in front of Annalese announces that it’s a great idea – badly presented but he doesn’t know why someone hasn’t thought of this before. Annalese slowly pieces together what has happened. Michael realises he has to come clean and says actually the idea was Annalese’s. His wife is the smart one. She certainly is says Ric and agrees to meet with her later to go over the proposal. Michael has to bow out graciously, but gets a huge thanks for his wife for being so open to her idea. As Annalese goes off to speak with Ric, Michael realises that with his wife at work, his world is starting to shift, but is it shifting in a way he likes?

Rachel receives a telephone call – it’s Daisha. Rachel rushes to get Mark. Daisha explains that she is fine, she just needed to clear her head. Mark meets Daisha who has been walking around all night. Daisha explains that she is still unsure if she wants to give away Baby Joe. Mark tries to explain that she can do it with help from him. Mark explains that her mother has found out about Baby Joe through Rachel’s mistake.

A little later Elliot speaks to Joseph believing that after all the ups and downs of the day, his intervention may actually have worked, only to be told by Joseph that they did talk and agreed that they would at least be civilised to each other at work, but that their relationship is at an impasse. Faye tells Joseph that Archie is being christened next week and it would be nice if he was there.