And so its 9pm on Wednesday night – time for another hour of (lack of) business acumen, endless bickering and of course those scary glances from Claude Littner and Karen Brady.

The Apprentice's drama ramped up in episode 2 / Photo Credit: BBC

The Apprentice's drama ramped up in episode 2 / Photo Credit: BBC

Tonight’s task was all about creating a brand new comic with an augmented reality front cover. Sounds easy enough right? This task was anything but!

Battling out to be project manager of the boys was marketing manager Frank Brooks and tax adviser David Alden. Despite his job – David insisted he was highly creative and writes children's books in his spare time. Frank expressed such a passion for creativity and stated he did marketing for his job - he ultimately pushed hard for the boys to elect him project manager.

As for the girls – the newly named ‘Kim Jong Un’ of The Apprentice Khadija Kalifa emerged as project manager.

The boys decided on a very simple design – coming up with a superhero named ‘Benji’ who would fly through space and save the world. The girls creation was rather more curious – creating a character who rapped called M.C. GOGO – who would teach children aged 9-12 about French – this being despite not one candidate either speaking French or knowing how to spell French words – only on The Apprentice!

The pitching team of the boys to the retailers was truly shocking. David highlighted the negatives of their comic (a big no no!), Rick Monk talked in monotone and kept looking down at his notes – and Kurran Pooni had the dreaded brain freeze and forgot not only his points but also his fellow candidate's names! Truly cringeworthy television – love it!

Special praise must be made to Jackie Fast from the girls team – she hammered home in the pitch with a forceful sale and came across really professional – one to watch!

In the boardroom – the result was never in doubt – the girls slaughtered the boys receiving over 14,500 orders to the boys paltry 950.

Frank bought back David and Kurran. There was a point I thought all three would be fired – Frank was a poor project manager, David has no business acumen and Kurran performed very badly in this task. Lord Sugar let go of David – and with it being week 2 – sent the other two boys back to the house.

Photo Credit: BBC
Photo Credit: BBC

The Apprentice 2018 is definitely heating up!

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