Tom Daley and best friend Sophie / Credit: ITV

In the first pictures released from the Olympian's new show Tom Daley Goes Global (with his blonde friend Sophie), we see the first moments of the diving sensation's backpacking trip to some of the most exotic locations on the planet.

Tom and his best friend Sophie are taking off to Thailand on the first leg of their adventure - backpacking virgins who hope to experience a little bit of everything for the first time.

The pair head to Thailand / Credit: ITV

In the home of lady boys and green curry, Tom gets the opportunity to take on an action packed skydive from a height even he hasn't jumped from before - 10,000 feet - but as it's monsoon season, Tom's chances of taking off are threatened with heavy storms.

Will Tom skydive? / Credit: ITV
Of course he will! / Credit: ITV

The journey isn't all fun and games though, and proves to be a rude awakening for Tom as he's daced with budget accommodation, foreign languages and a sleeper train with holes for toilets - far from the travelling he's done with his diving team.

Many exotic locations are visited / Credit: ITV

Taking on Bangkok's deadliest dish of the day as well as getting a face full of bubbly at a foam party, and trekking through a Thai jungle with tarantulas and other critters to deal with, it could turn out to be more of a nightmare than paradise for the young duo.

Tom Daley Goes Global premieres on ITV2, Thursday April 10.

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