With Supergirl's premiere scheduled for this fall and a huge first look trailer revealed, we've now taken a look at some of the mysterious and evil villains of DC Comics past and picked out five we'd love to see come to the show and take on Kara.

Lucy Lane - Superwoman

Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

Growing up as an army brat under her father Sam Lane and alongside her big sister Lois, Lucy was always the quieter sister in the family but was often more spoiled by her strict father than her sibling. Growing up, Lucy was left blinded by a mysterious illness, and so depression began to plague her life before she attempted suicide - only to be rescued by Bizarro. Later life saw her begin to date Jimmy Olsen, with the two remaining with one another for around two years before Superman's first arrival in Metropolis. Later resuming their relationship, the pair split once more after Jimmy quit his job at the Daily Planet. She did meet another reporter from the Daily Planet however - Ron Troupe - and the two went on a date leading to a relationship that went on for some time, and a pregnancy. After having the baby with her sister by her side, this is where the (mostly) nice story ends for Lucy.

Leaving Superman's immediate circle of friends for a period of years, Lucy went into mourning for her father's death and joined the military in hopes to honour his memory. Bitter and angry she blamed her sister for their father's death, but what she didn't know is that General Lane was alive, working with the government on projects designed to deal with Kryptonians who had come to Earth. Working on her father with a project following the discovery which resulted in her gaining superhuman powers and abilities.

Under the guise of a Kryptonian that would be known as Superwoman, Lucy managed to infiltrate New Krypton wearing a super suit created by Mirabai of the Forlorn. Protecting her from Kryptonite poison and duplicating Kryptonian abilities, she was able to go about her business unharmed. However, when Supergirl discovered who she really was and the murders she was responsible for, the pair fought and Lucy's suit was damaged, destroying the containment field around her and seeing the field explode. Lucy was presumed dead, but later resurrected for the War of the Supermen, eventually being defeated by Supergirl once more and taken into custody for her crimes.

Elastic Crook

Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

First appearing in Action Comics #280 all the way back in September of 1961, there's very little known about this baddie - not even his real name was ever revealed. Erased from existence following the collapse of the original multiverse in the 1985-86 limited Crisis on Infinite Earths series, it would be interesting to see where the show could take this character and truly flesh him out. Anyone with Elastic in their name has got to be interesting, right?


Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

With her origin a mystery even to herself, all Reign knows is that she's a Worldkiller and her questions can be answered by those on Krypton and Earth. Finding out Krypton was dead she went on to discover the remains of Argon City, but her thirst to find out about her past was left unquenched. Could we see her sword go up against the powers of Supergirl this season?


For those with a fear of sea creatures, this villain is probably not for you (and we'd advise against going to see the new Aquaman movie when that gets released). Another villain that's had limited appearances and was erased from existence through Crisis on Infinite Earths, it's the little ones like this that the show can really play around with and bring new life to.

Ms. Mesmer

Basing her operations in Chicago, Paul Kupperberg and Carmine Infantino created Ms. Mesmer. She made her first appearance in Supergirl Vol 2 #4 in February, 1983, but little has been seen of her since. With the call for strong female character roles stronger than ever, it'd be good to see her on-screen.

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