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After Tyrion's wonderous trial last week where he demanded his fate would be sealed in a trial by combat, we were all left open-mouthed after a fantastic acting display from Peter Dinklage and I for one wondered if it could be topped.

Answered this week in the form of the best episode yet this season, we caught up with Arya and The Hound, Jon Snow and Castle Black, Brienne and Pod, Daenerys, The Red Woman and of course the Lannisters at King's Landing.

We discovered that Prince Oberyn is to try and take his revenge on The Mountain - the man whom Cersei had chosen for her champion at the battle deciding Tyrion's fate - by offering himself up as Tyrion's champion after refusals from both his brother Jaime and sellsword Bronn.

That clash of weapons will come next week in the aptly titled 'The Mountain and The Viper' and as a reader of the books, it could be one of the biggest and most extravagant scenes in Game of Thrones history.

We briefly visited The Wall where Jon and his Brothers were returning from their time at Craster's Keep, but their 'win' has done nothing to shift the opinion of Ser Alliser, who is doing everything in his power to make sure Jon's voice isn't heard.

He insists Ghost be locked up or else face execution, and decides that sealing the tunnels is the worst idea possible as not even giants could smash through them. Jon knows better and makes his opinion known, but to no avail.

Arya and The Hound happen upon another house in the episode, and it's here that we see the two are picking up one another's traits.

The Hound has become more compassionate, and though they kill the man at the house, it's so he's put out of his misery rather than because he'll die in the future anyway.

The bounty on The Hound's head has attracted attackers, who jump the pair, with one taking a chunk of skin from Gregor's neck with a fierce bite.

He's no match for The Hound, and Arya takes down the other, wiping the blood off her sword onto the dead man's clothes as The Hound had done just moments before.

The pair continue to get closer and it's a fascinating dynamic added to the show.

Another interesting match-up is that of Brienne and Pod, who are resting up at a tavern before they continue their journey of finding Sansa.

There's a lovely nod here that avid fans should enjoy, as Hot Pie is given another chance to shine and lets the two in on one of the biggest secrets - Arya Stark could very well still be alive.

It's touching to see his present for Arya if they should happen to come across her on their journey, with much needed comic relief provided in this momentary lack of high drama and tension.

Daenerys became a little more interesting and likeable once more, after being wooed by Daario and persuaded by Jorah to show mercy rather than brutality to the Masters in Yunkai.

It's good to see the Mother of Dragons finally listen to reason - her advisors weren't able to do much advising when she was going through with every thought she had and so it made for a rather stagnant storyline.

She ensured Jorah that whilst she may have slept with Daario, that doesn't mean she'll ever trust him, which is why he's being sent to Yunkai to reclaim the city and bring justice to those who have wronged her once more.

What was most interesting however was the final few scenes dedicated to Sansa, her Aunt Lysa, her betrothed Robin and her captor Petyr Baelish.

Finally with a smile on her face, Sansa was enjoying the beauty of the gardens at The Eyrie, back in the snow that she was used to and inspired to build a snow castle replica of what she remembered of Winterfell.

All was very innocent and she didn't even mind chatting to Robin outside, explaining what her old home was like and laughing at the thought of being able to toss anybody out of the Moon Door once she became his wife.

Things then took a sinister turn as Robin dismantled some of her castle, leaving her very annoyed and calling him "stupid" whilst he was having a temper tantrum, all leading to him stamping all over the castle before his face was met with a slap from Sansa's hand.

Hurrying off and crying, Sansa had instant regret for what she had done, but Petyr had seen everything and promised to deal with Aunt Lysa before a close exchange between the two, and a lingering kiss - seen by Lysa.

The mentally unstable Aunt later called for her neice to meet her by the Moon Door, where she reprimanded her for her actions, calling her a "whore" and getting close to flinging her hundreds of feet to a definite death, but once again Petyr was on hand to save the day before the tension became too much - if you weren't holding your breath, you weren't paying close enough attention.

His kind words save Sansa's life, and as he goes over to seemingly comfort his wife, he assured her of one thing.

"I have only loved one woman." he tells Lysa.

"Only one... my entire life."

She smiles.

"Your sister."

The smile fades and he gives her a sharp shove as she falls backwards, through the Moon Door and towards the ground.

Game of Thrones continues the week after next, June 2, 9pm on Sky Atlantic and Sky Atlantic HD. Get a first look at the episode in the trailer below.

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