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Never have giants ever looked so fantastic. Riding atop their mammoths they almost look elegant but their sheer brutality is exposed when the biggest battle in Game of Thrones history begins to play out.

If you've come to this episode in the hopes of getting some answers about what's going down at King's Landing now that Oberyn's head has been squashed like a grape, you'll be upset to know that another week will pass before you get your wish, as we're now going to be spending 50 minutes at The Wall.

Special effects are at an all-time high and it's difficult not to marvel at everything that's going on, digesting each and every scene that's laced with action and suspense.

Credit: Sky Atlantic

Kit Harington should be applauded for his brilliance when it comes to fighting. He makes every move look fluid and Jon Snow's battle against one of the Thenns makes for a tense and exhilarating couple of minutes.

As someone who's read the books I'm not entirely sure I enjoyed the way Ygritte's life was brought to an end in the show, right in front of Jon so that he could rush over, teary-eyed and watch her life slip away as she recalled memories of their time in 'the cave'. The realism disapparated.

The battle as a whole was great on so many levels but I couldn't help but feel a little underwhelmed. Perhaps it was too short and it should have played out over two straight episodes, or maybe I'm growing a little tired of the writers chucking in a few more deaths for reaction or the element of surprise.

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Grenn and Pyp make it through the fight in the book, and so it's hard to see both of them meet their ends here after they've surprisingly become such likeable characters.

And so it still reigns true that we should never become too invested into a character in Game of Thrones.

As a spectacle this episode is one of if not the best to come from the series so far. As an episode for fans of the show who haven't read the books, it's pretty great. However, disappointment may loom for those who get their kicks from seeing the pages of a book come to life on-screen. It's just too different.

Credit: Sky Atlantic

Game of Thrones season 4 comes to an end next Monday, 9pm on Sky Atlantic and Sky Atlantic.

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