Kit Connor and Joe Locke star as Nick and Charlie in Heartstopper / Picture Credit: Netflix
Kit Connor and Joe Locke star as Nick and Charlie in Heartstopper / Picture Credit: Netflix

Queer love stories have fought for a place on television for many years now, and whilst there’s a lot more to enjoy than ever before, there’s still a lot of work to be done. With graphic novel adaptation Heartstopper making its Netflix premiere on April 22nd (2022), we’ve taken a look at that series, as well as six other TV shows that feature some incredible queer love stories, that you need to watch!

7. Young Royals

Prince Wilheim of Sweden isn't expecting a gay romance, but when it happens with a fellow student, he must navigate the drama and challenges that come with it which are only heightened because of his status and of course, their place at an elite boarding school. Following the success the first season saw, the series was renewed for a second outing, which will premiere later this year. Make sure you get caught up so you can binge the new episodes as soon as they land!

6. The House of Flowers

This Mexican black comedy drama contains a number of different main characters who are members of the LGBTQ+ community, each with their own internal struggles and turmoil including internalised homophobia and transphobia. With three seasons to blaze through, as well as a short film special and a YouTube TV special available, there's a heck of a lot of content here to keep you entertained!

5. Eastsiders

This dark comedy web series wrapped up in December 2019, created, written and directed by Kit Williamson, who also starred in the show. Exploring the relationship between couple Thom and Cal, their struggles aren't limited just to being with one another, but with substance abuse and more. The series forces audiences to put themselves in the shoes of those they're watching, asking questions of their own morality; what more could you want when it comes to immersion and realism?

4. Feel Good

When a Canadian comedian goes out on a date with a woman who hasn't experienced love with the same sex before, their relationship in London is a mismatch of stunning beauty and, messy twists and turns that always come with that environment. What’s fun about this series, is that Mae Martin plays herself in a dramatised version of events that took place in real life.

3. Orange is the New Black

Though this prison drama kinda fell off in the middle, there was always one thing that writers got right: the same-sex relationships forged behind the prison bars. Orange is the New Black managed to stick it right to the gut of those watching when it came to the love lives of the inmates the show followed, and whilst many didn’t really want Piper and Alex to be together, their story was still one that resonated. The most interesting relationship formed however, was between Poussey and Soso. Though we didn’t get the ending we wanted for them, we did get to witness their stunning chemistry and for that, we’ll always be grateful!

2. Elite

This Spanish drama explores the challenges of coming out, for people from all sorts of unique religious and socio-economic backgrounds. It wasn't pitched to be a series that focused so intensely on queer love, but it became a real gem of the genre and is still running strong to this day. Critically-acclaimed, there's no sign of it slowing down just yet and we’re thankful for it. Elite is perhaps the best modern-day show that details just how different the process of coming out can be for any one person, based on their individual circumstances.


Secondary school can be a tough time, where friends are more important than ever. When rugby-loving Nick (Kit Connor) crosses paths with gentle Charlie (Joe Locke), the two form an unlikely bond which they quickly discover is blossoming into an unexpected romance. Along with their respective circle of friends, the two must navigate the relatable journey of self-discovery and acceptance, supporting one another as they come to terms with being their true, authentic selves in a world that can sometimes be cruel.

Heartstopper launches exclusively on Netflix on Friday, April 22nd, 2022.

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