Swearing has a huge impact on everyone and everything. This is especially evident in cinema and TV, with the ratings of films and the like being changed and even censored due to the language chosen.

Nicolas Cage / Picture Credit: Netflix

Nicolas Cage / Picture Credit: Netflix

But, believe it or not, swearing can also be interesting. Nicolas Cage takes the idea of a talk show, sitting in the midst of books and a very posh armchair, and combines it with genuine comedy and the repetition of the word F**k for 20 minutes.

The show seems to want to hit the mark as a legitimate comedy, but with a little bit of education, which it does do in its very first episode. This is not boring in the slightest. Cursing is nearly always funny, right?

Give this show hosted by Nicolas Cage, filled with actors, doctors and comedians, a chance to educate you on the best swearwords in the English language – starting with f**k.

Each of the six episodes are around 20 minutes long, keeping the show focused and hilarious the whole time.

Episode One, simply titled ‘F**k’, is a great introduction to this short series. Cage begins by quoting some of cinema’s greatest lines involving the word f**k, such as the line from Snakes on a Plane - you know the one.

Cage even goes so far as to say that f**k is the “Granddaddy of cussing.” Is he wrong, though?

After Cage is done quoting comedic cuss words, the show can begin. Throughout the episode (and the others, too) we are greeted with a number of comedians, actors and even doctors who share their opinions and dig into the history of the word f**k.

The fact that doctors who have studied swearing, written about blaspheme and so on, join the show is a really nice touch as they too rejoice in the hilarity that is cursing.

Doctor Melissa Mohr / Picture Credit: Netflix
Doctor Melissa Mohr / Picture Credit: Netflix

The episode goes back in time a little to explore the origin of the word, including stories about needing consent from the king to fornicate (this tale is fake, unfortunately).

As well as trying to figure out where f**k originally came from, many of the cast also discuss the word’s impact in popular culture over the years, while still remaining funny and informative – even when discussing topics such as protests.

Just because the show’s focus is learning, doesn’t mean it’s boring in any way. Since swearing is nearly always funny, and the word f**k usually incites a chuckle or two, it’s a great idea for a show that is a bit different from other Netflix offerings.

The episode discusses why people say the word, why its banned or not allowed in certain films, and the cultural impact.

One part that is rather significant (while retaining humour still) is when the cast discusses the group NWA and their song F**k the Police. It is said in the show that while the group obviously did not invent the phrase ‘f**k the police’, they still said it out loud and allowed people to use the word f**k in a way that mattered.

The episode does so well to combine serious conversations like the NWA and their controversial song, with funny anecdotes surrounding the word. It also combines reasoning, history and logic with simple and hilarious justifications for the word being used.

Many of the cast agree in this episode that the word f**k is possibly the most versatile word we have. This is followed by a short compilation of the cast saying f**k in different contexts – which as you’d expect is highly amusing.

Doctor Benjamin Bergen / Picture Credit: Netflix
Doctor Benjamin Bergen / Picture Credit: Netflix

Other words the show tackles are: Sh*t, Bitch, D*ck, Pu**y and Damn. If the rest of the show is like episode one, then we’re in for a treat.

It's funny and informative, and gives off Drunk History vibes in the sense that a bunch of different people discuss a matter in a comedic and light-hearted way.

It is a brilliant idea, and Cage is the perfect host as his deep voice matches well with the professor-vibe he seems to be giving off. Plus, it is rather amusing watching Cage sit in a library-type setting with a suave suit on just saying f**k over and over again.

From the first episode alone, the show promises the laughs and gives us an excuse to say swear words for no reason – it’s a great bit of relief, with everything going on in the world to just sit and watch people talk about how funny the word f**k is.

WARNING: The following trailer contains expletives 

All six episodes of History of Swear Words are on Netflix now!

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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