Made In Chelsea

Made In Chelsea

Made In Chelsea let loose its first trailer for series five onto the world yesterday, and while I’ve always taken a hard stand against the world of ‘scripted reality’ shows, Made In Chelsea might have actually won me over with this latest trailer.

This teaser shows the guys ‘in training’ for the new series and wonderfully pokes fun at the show itself, bringing to light Spencer’s relationship dominated storylines, Jamie Laing mocks his habit of chewing sunglasses and Andy even has a crack at his nostrils.

This all begs the question though, is Made In Chelsea actually the best spoof on TV? The very best homages and spoofs are not only a tribute to their genre, but a part of it as well. While for years, the show’s always presented a rather more polished look at the lives of its subjects, it’s great to see that the cast themselves are as self-knowing as I hoped they could ever be.

The main thing I’ve always wanted from these shows was to throw away the reality and just become over-the-top melodramas, which Made In Chelsea seems to have a handle on perfectly.

We’ve got the trailer for you below, so lets us know if you’re ready for another bout of long, awkward pauses and lavish excess too in the comments section.