Aaron Paul almost signed on for a full episode of 'Black Mirror'.

Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul

The AGE-year-old actor made a cameo appearance as the voice of a gamer at the end of 'USS Callister' - the opening episode of the fourth series of the Netflix anthology show - and now he's revealed the small role almost led to something much bigger.

He told Digital Spy: "I reached out. I am obsessed with 'Black Mirror'. 'Anything that could possibly fit within my schedule, please let me know.'

"This kind of came out of nowhere and they promised me an episode down the road, and we actually tried to work it into this latest season that's coming out.

"I signed on for an episode that I read, and it's absolutely beautiful, but it conflicted with my Apple series that I'm doing at the moment. Sadly I had to let it go, but hopefully down the road I will be jumping on that. I think what they're doing is so incredible."

The 'Breaking Bad' star was reunited with his former cast mate Jesse Plemons for the cameo, but he revealed he hadn't told his friend he was lending his voice to the episode.

He added: "It was more of an Easter egg for Plemons, and also the audience. Plemons didn't know I was doing it, it was more of a fun Easter egg for 'Breaking Bad' fans.

"It was such a pivotal role on 'Breaking Bad' that, so they thought it would be a fun little tip of the hat to that show."

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