Adele Roberts will feel "safer" if she can make it to five years cancer-free.

Adele Roberts was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2021 and underwent a course of chemotherapy

Adele Roberts was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2021 and underwent a course of chemotherapy

The 45-year-old radio host was diagnosed with stage two bowel cancer in October 2021 but was declared cancer-free just under a year later and thinks there is a possibility she could eventually live without her stoma bag, which she famously named Audrey.

She told Bella magazine: "I'm having blood tests every three months. I also have regular scans every six months, because the cancer is most likely to come back within the first two years of finishing treatment.

"I'm just hoping I get to five years cancer free, and then I'll feel a little bit safer. As for the stoma, they can potentially reverse it in the future, which would be amazing, but at the same time - I think it would still feel like a loss to me because I feel like Audrey's helped me so much mentally. I would mourn that, but I also understand it's better to have your intestines inside your body."

The former 'Dancing On Ice' contestant has realised that mental health goes hand-in-hand with physical health and is not sure she would have made it through her cancer battle had she not adopted a positive attitude.

She said: "I've realised that the mind leads the body. That's why I think running a marathon is the perfect metaphor for life. You've got to believe that you can do it. You have to keep yourself going when you're out there on the course, and the only way you can do that is mentally and that's how I tried to tackle cancer, too.

"I tried to lead with the mind first and not let it diminish who I was on the inside, and I think that being able to focus on that helped my body get through the chemo and all the treatment. I had to stay positive up here if I'd gone to that negative place, I don't think I'd be speaking to you today."