Alan Carr thinks his football manager dad is to blame for him being so camp.

Alan Carr jokes 'evolution' is the reason he's gay

Alan Carr jokes 'evolution' is the reason he's gay

The 48-year-old comedian has joked that "evolution" means he was bound to be gay because of his father Graham Carr's time as a player and head coach for Northampton Town.

He told the 'Getting Curious' podcast: "My dad was a football manager.

"You know what they say about gays, the evolution, if you have a really masculine dad they have a gay son. I do know a lot of gay men whose dads are.

"I high kick out of my mum's vagina, there's been like a mix-up at the hospital and there's some hairdresser looking at his son playing rugby going, 'What's happened?' "

The 'Changing Ends' actor - who wrote and starred in the autobiographical sitcom about his childhood - also hit out at people branding him a "stereotype" because of his campness.

He argued: "The thing is with camp, if I put it on then have a go at me.

"On the outside I am probably a stereotype but my brain's not, if it was everyone would have a podcast or a hit chat show.

"If it was easy to be me, everyone would be doing it."

Alan admitted life as a comedian can be "quite lonely" as he travels up and down the country with "no one to talk to" on the road.

During an episode of his ‘Life’s A Beach’ podcast, he said: "I tell you what with stand-up comedy, and I just finished a tour, I was walking around all by myself as I always do and I thought you either speak to yourself or speak to an audience.

“And that’s the weirdness - you’re either going, ‘Oh, this is a nice day’, or you’re speaking to a theatre of 1,500 people.

“The problem is you’ve got nowhere in between. You don’t have any company. So that, I think, is my problem.”

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