Alan Carr has split from Callum Heslop.

Alan Carr has confirmed he's single

Alan Carr has confirmed he's single

The 47-year-old TV star has confirmed he's currently single after he split from the 27-year-old hairdresser.

Speaking to MailOnline, Alan said: "I'm single again."

The comedian - who was previously married to Paul Drayton between 2018 and 2022 - subsequently joked about the kind of man he's now looking for.

He quipped: "I look for a rugby boy. I like them big, and chunky - chunky everywhere. If you catch what I'm saying."

Asked if he'd like them to use their strength in the throws of passion, Alan replied: "They have a lot of me to throw around - they need a digger or a skip or a winch."

Although he's keen to find love, Alan isn't currently on any dating apps.

He shared: "How can I go on Grindr? I'm taking it easy at the minute. Do you really want this face popping up on a [dating] app?"

Alan's marriage fell apart during the COVID-19 lockdowns, as Paul descended into alcoholism.

But the stand-up comic previously insisted that he has no regrets about their relationship, admitting that they both tried their best to make it work.

He said during an appearance on Australian radio: "I’ve moved on, I’m still friends with Paul, he’s sort of getting on with his life. Sometimes it’s not a bad thing. It was 14 years, we gave it a go, it didn’t work out in lockdown. Who cares? Let’s move on.

"Our marriage broke down. In lockdown, a lot of people started doing a little self-analysis and having a look at their lives, going, ‘Is this the kind of life I want?’ So, we split up."

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