Anna Richardson says Duncan James is keen to do ‘Naked Attraction’.

Anna Richardson reveals Duncan James wants to strip off on Naked Attraction

Anna Richardson reveals Duncan James wants to strip off on Naked Attraction

The 52-year-old presenter revealed the Blue singer is willing to appear on a future star-studded edition of the X-rated Channel 4 dating show - which sees aspiring daters strip down to their birthday suit - while podcaster Anna Whitehouse, 42, has also expressed an interest.

She told The Sun newspaper's TVBiz column: “I’ve bumped into a couple of celebs recently who’ve gone, ‘I’d do it!’

Duncan James was like, ‘I’m up for it!’, and I was like, ‘Oh my god!’

“And the lovely Anna Whitehouse, who does the ‘Dirty Mother Pukka’ podcast, said to me a couple of weeks ago that she’d do it.”

Anna recently confessed she is having “amazing sex” with hew new boyfriend Simon Marks, and compared it to her love life in her 20s.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “There’s something wonderful about meeting somebody new that makes you realise, ‘Oh, I’m not dead from the waist down! Actually, I can experience amazing sex like I had in my twenties. It is possible to recapture it, but it takes work.”

The ‘Changing Rooms’ presenter - who was romantically involved with comedian Sue Perkins until 2021 - admitted she was previously struggling “through menopause” she know understands her body a bit better.

Anna said: “I know myself inside out. I know exactly what I want in life, I’m unafraid to say what it is, and I’m happy to be an older woman and impart what knowledge I have to help younger people.

“There’s something wonderful about this stage in life. When you come through menopause, it’s like you’re a wise woman of the village. It opens the door into the second half of your life – a life of freedom, self-knowledge, purpose and a life that’s no longer worrying about your fertility!”