Anne Hegerty is happily single.

Anne Hegerty

Anne Hegerty

The 59-year-old TV star - who is best known for her role as The Governess on ITV's 'The Chase' - has revealed she's comfortable living her life without a male companion, but admitted that having Asperger's has made it harder for her to develop romantic relationships.

Asked whether she enjoys being single, Anne - whose condition impairs her non-verbal communication skills - explained: "In a sense I do, yes. I really do like my space."

Anne likened her love life to a scene from the Woody Allen-directed romance movie 'Annie Hall', revealing she finds it tough to be intimate with another person.

She told the 'Loose Women' panel: "Have you seen 'Annie Hall'? Remember that moment - how can I put this? Remember when they're having sex and Annie's ghost gets up out of the bed, goes and sits on the chair and waits till it's all over?

"The awful thing is, I can really see myself in that. It's dreadful. There is a limit to how far I can be in the moment, and this applies to all sorts of things."

Anne also revealed that because of her Asperger's, she's often failed to recognise signs of potential romance.

Asked how the condition has impacted her life, the TV star shared: "It's been a problem in a number of ways. One thing it took me a long time to work out was that I was failing to pick up signals from people.

"I would think, 'I really quite like this guy but he doesn't seem to be interested.'

"It was literally years later that I would think, 'No, actually, that was him indicating his interest.' I just went, 'Duh...'"

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