Anthea Turner wouldn't have done 'The Jump' if she'd been asked now.

Anthea Turner

Anthea Turner

The 56-year-old presenter took part in the first ever series of the dangerous winter sports show in 2014 and, although she did really well and came sixth in the competition, she has admitted she'd have reservations if bosses hadn't approached her until this year for the show.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she said: "I do enjoy that sort of stuff. I loved 'The Jump'. I thought it was great but then again I say that because I didn't get hurt. Not too much anyway but I was the last woman standing. I don't think I would do it again. There would be hesitation."

Over the past three series, a countless amount of celebrities have been seriously injured taking part in the programme, but Anthea believes they know exactly what they're letting themselves in for before they agree to the contracts.

She explained: "I suppose the guinea pigs were us. We were the first ones to do it. So we didn't really know what we were letting ourselves into. I think anyone who has come since then can't say they didn't realise because they've watched it. There's been enough series for you to do your search. So you go in knowing what you're letting yourself in for. So you can't plead ignorance really because you know you could get hurt."

The last series, which hit screens in January, saw Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle break her back, 'Made in Chelsea' star Mark-Francis Vandelli fracture his ankle and Rebecca Adlington dislocate her shoulder.

The spike in injuries on the show earlier this year meant bosses were forced to revisit the risky format and discuss whether it was worth bringing it back for another series at the beginning of next year.

Although Channel 4 bosses are yet to confirm whether another installment has been commissioned, the show's host Davina McCall has said that it'll continue on screen all the time stars want to do it.