Clive Myrie’s travel show will be receiving a second season.

Clive Myrie’s travel show will be receiving a second season

Clive Myrie’s travel show will be receiving a second season

The BBC broadcaster, 59, whisked viewers away to show them the wonders of Italy in ‘Clive Myrie’s Italian Road Trip’ earlier this year, and it has now been revealed the star has more of the world he wants to showcase.

As reported by The Sun newspaper's TVBiz column, Clive will be heading to the Caribbean next, which will no doubt have a special place in his heart, given that his parents came from Jamaica.

A TV insider said: “The first series proved so popular that doing a second was a no-brainer — and could lead to even more in the future.

“Clive has become a bit of a national treasure with his soothing style on the news, contrasting with a more fun, endearing side of him displayed on his road trips.

“Italy was somewhere he has always loved, having holidayed there on numerous occasions, but his visit to the Caribbean will have a more personal feel to it.”

The ‘Mastermind’ presenter showed off the sights all over Italy in the first season, heading to many iconic destinations, including Lazio, Florence and Capri to give viewers a closer look at the country.

Clive also travelled to Venice, and had a go trying to steer a gondola, which was something he struggled with.

He told the Daily Express newspaper: “Trying to steer a gondola was really hard. I know programme makers would love me falling in.

"But I was not going to fall in, so I'm gripping this oar which is huge, I'm gripping it for dear life.

"You have got the oar and you are maneuvering it in a cup that's on the edge of a vessel all with just gentle movements of the wrist and it's so difficult.

"I just didn't want to fall in because there was no way I could have gone to the producers and said 'Look, you can't put that in, cut that out', and that's what's really hard.”