Bradley Walsh has claimed some celebrities are scared of 'The Chase'.

Bradley Walsh says celebrities fear The Chase

Bradley Walsh says celebrities fear The Chase

The 63-year-old host is returning with some famous faces on Friday (12.01.24) but he admitted he struggled to get some stars to sign up when he did some recruiting at the Royal Variety Performance last month.

He told The Sun newspaper's TVBiz column: "I want Rick Astley to come on the show... Hannah Waddingham, Danny Jones, I was recruiting them all.

“It was the weirdest Chase recruitment drive ever. But you know what happens? As soon as you mention the Chasers, they freeze.

“They panic, they want to be able to get it right."

Bradley explained how plenty of "clever celebrities" have fallen to the super quizzers, and the upcoming ITV series has seen them struggle too.

He added: “I’ve had a lot of clever celebrities come on who have failed at the first hurdle.

"That happened this series too — out on the first question, gutting. And it’s gutting for the Chasers too because they want to play them.”

One star who had enough confidence to take on the challenge is 'Pointless' presenter Alexander Armstrong, who was recently unveiled on 'The Masked Singer' over the weekend.

The two old friends had a great time reuniting, as their studios are right next to each other.

Bradley said: "To have him come on and have a go was great for me. I loved it. When we do 'Beat The Chasers', 'Pointless' is in the next studio.

“I’d always go past the make-up room, ‘Morning lads, how are you?’. It was great to have Xander on.

“He took it really seriously. He’s a very clever dude, I mean, seriously clever."

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