Brian Belo has slammed 'Big Brother' presenters Emma Willis and Rylan Clark-Neal - claiming they "drive him insane".

Brian Belo

Brian Belo

The former 'Big Brother' winner has hit out at the show's presenter and the 'Big Brother's Bit on the Side' host, admitting he much preferred the predecessors, host Davina McCall and spin-off presenter Dermot O'Leary, who fronted the series - which will come to an end for good tonight (05.11.18) - before it began airing on Channel 5 in 2011.

Speaking to, he said: "Emma and Rylan just absolutely drive me insane.

"They fool everybody into thinking they're the most famous people in the world. Everyone's treating them like they're Marilyn Monroe and James Dean.

"Dude, seriously these people aren't Dermot and Davina. I don't mean to be nasty, but I've seen Davina do interviews and I've been in the same room as Dermot doing his thing, and they don't struggle when reading off an autocue."

The iconic housemate also claimed Emma and Rylan - who shot to fame as an 'X Factor' contestant - are like "lunatics running the asylum", and admitted he "can't wait" for the show to end tonight.

Brian said: "He's from 'X Factor' as well, that's what's even more embarrassing. That's why it's getting axed, because a novelty contestant is actually running 'Big Brother'.

"It's like the lunatics running the asylum. 'He's just so annoying. Everyone's taking the mick out of you. His head is just over-inflated.

"I can't wait for 'Big Brother' to end and for him to see how stupid it got, and it's the same for Emma.

"'Big Brother' is the biggest format out of all these shows, it's not the fact that it's crap, it's that you've got them running it."