Davina McCall used to worry she’d “become irrelevant” as she got older.

Davina McCall used to fear getting older

Davina McCall used to fear getting older

The 56-year-old presenter used to “fear” the ageing process and thought it would be “uncool and awful” but she’s found herself happier than ever before in her 50s.

Asked what she’d tell the Davina of a decade ago, she told Britain’s HELLO! magazine: “Getting older is so much better than you think it’s going to be. I’m 56 now and proud of my age – I don’t try to hide it.

“I used to fear getting older, that I’d become irrelevant.

“I felt as though getting older was uncool and awful, but actually, I’m happier in this decade than I’ve ever been.

“I’m a bit calmer, a bit wiser, less tough on myself.”

And the ‘My Mum, Your Dad’ host is ready to embrace a “second spring” in her life, particularly now her three children are older.

She said: “My life was all about tiny little kids and the carnage that ensued.

"I was a taxi service non-stop for years and years. Suddenly it’s all quite quiet.

“I didn’t twiddle my thumbs for long though. I got a second wind – my second spring.

“I’m not heading into the autumn of my life, I’m going into a second spring and after that comes summer, so it’s going to be great.

“With getting older, you get a little bit more freedom back.

“I’m more open to things and saying yes to almost everything.”

The ‘Masked Singer’ judge hopes young women today grow up less fearful of the menopause than her own generation because it’s much more widely discussed nowadays.

Asked the advice she’d give young women about menopause, she said: “I don’t want them to be frightened.

“I don’t want our conversations to put the fear of God into them about rowing older.

"What I hope is they see me as somebody who is post-menopausal and living my best life.

“I’m super happy and really enjoying myself, but it was harder to get here than I hope it will be for the next generation, because nobody was talking about it.”

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