Cait Fitton hid in Calum Lill's car boot to keep the whereabouts of her ‘Coronation Street’ character Lauren Bolton top secret.

Cait Fitton hid in a car boot to keep Coronation Street's Lauren Bolton return top secret

Cait Fitton hid in a car boot to keep Coronation Street's Lauren Bolton return top secret

The 22-year-old actress went to great lengths to keep the details of what happened to the ex-sex worker - who fans have been concerned about since she was last seen in March - amid the missing person plot.

This included sneaking out of buildings and getting into the boot, to avoid suspicion about how Joel - who is played by Calum - was responsible for her disappearance on the long-running ITV1 soap.

Cait joined 'Corrie' in 2022 as a part of a three-month stint to tell the story of her coercive relationship with the solicitor.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “I had to sneak in and out the building, getting lifts from Calum but having to get in the boot to make sure I wasn’t being seen.

“People would be at the front getting selfies, I’d be in the boot still. So it was a bit chaotic! It was like a massive game of twister in that boot, it was tiny. There were times when I had to get on the floor in a taxi, the driver was wondering what’s going on – and I’d just shout go go go! It was mad. Fun, but mental. I never thought I would have to be doing that to get into work.”

Viewers were relieved to see her make a return earlier this week, and Cait knew she was “fortunate” to always know she would reprise her role.

She continued: “I knew from very early on I was coming back, which is such a fortunate position to be in in this industry, because once you finish a job you don’t know what’s going to happen after that. It’s been a whirlwind of emotions.”

Cait threw fans off any scent of speculation by updating her Instagram bio to read “previously Lauren in 'Coronation Street'”.

She added: “Everyone was like, 'Has she left?’ I was like, ‘Yes, I’m gone now. I’m finished!’

"The amount of people so invested in the storyline, it’s been a breath of fresh air. With Roy getting arrested for murder, then the reveal of Joel, it’s been an amazing storyline to be part of.

"But it has made it really tough. I started back in April, by that point obviously, no one knows that I’m filming.

“We filmed on location. That was a bit stressful. It felt like the ‘Men in Black’, I was in one of the big black coats, black sunglasses. The fact I wasn’t seen was a miracle. It’s been great. The support I’ve had online has been amazing. People messaging saying hope you’re not leaving the show we love what you did with the character, hearing that gives a reassurance.”