Marisha Wallace "couldn't trust" Ekin-Su Culculoglu on 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

Marisha Wallace has explained her row with Ekin-Su

Marisha Wallace has explained her row with Ekin-Su

The 38-year-old Broadway star - who was evicted on Tuesday night (19.03.24) - had an explosive row with the 'Love Island' winner after picking her in last week's face to face nominations, with the 29-year-old reality star storming off in floods of tears.

Appearing on 'Late and Live' after her own elimination, Marisha admitted she was trying to "cushion the blow" by telling Ekin-Su she voted for her because she couldn't "beat" her in the final.

She told Will Best and AJ Odudu: "That's exactly what it was. I was trying to cushion the blow because I just felt, you know when your spidey senses go 'bling-a bling-a ling', I just felt that something wasn't right."

Marisha insisted she "didn't know what to say in the moment" when Ekin-Su confronted her.

She added: "I didn't know how to articulate it. Maybe I was scared that she might turn on me on the other side."

Will asked the actress how she would articulate it now, "having thought about it".

She paused, and then said: "Well I would have just said that when I heard you say some things in the house I just felt a bit wary of you as there were some things that you said that made me feel like maybe I couldn't trust you so much.

"That's what I should have said, but that's how I felt in that moment. But after that happened we were crying like babies over a teddy bear.

"But when you first meet these people you don't know who to trust and after that I felt closer to her, I don't know if she feels that way, I hope she does."

AJ wondered if Marisha thought Ekin-Su "overreacted", considering that she apologised over the nomination.

However, Marisha explained: "I was very apologetic. In the moment it wasn't just about the nomination. I think Ekin-Su has been through a lot in her life.

"I think she's been betrayed many times and in that moment it just felt like a betrayal of everything even though it is just a game.

"And sometimes a trauma response will come out that way, and I totally get it because of the things she had told me in the past."