With such a complex show as Peaky Blinders comes legions of loyal fans and now leading man Cillian Murphy has opened up a little bit about filming the series and taking on the role of character Tommy Shelby.

Credit: BBC

Credit: BBC

"It's a real gift to be given a character like this, to be able to explore over 18 hours" he gushed. "It's a real luxury."

"I quite enjoy those characters where you have to travel quite a distance from yourself to get to. It's an incredibly exhausting character to play. You never see him sleep or eat. He's always on, there's always something happening," he added.

He did however explain how there are challenges: "You have to cancel reality for four months and I always come out of it destroyed.

"We shot everything simultaneously [episodes 1-6 for series 3]. In the morning you'd be doing something from ep four and then in the afternoon you'd be doing the finale. It was incredibly mind-f**king!"

Check out the launch trailer for Peaky Blinders series 3 below:

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