Claire Foy says the Duchess of Argyll would've "hated" her.

Claire Foy says that Margaret, Duchess of Argyll was a victim of revenge porn in the 60s

Claire Foy says that Margaret, Duchess of Argyll was a victim of revenge porn in the 60s

The star - who is best known for her turn at playing a younger version of Queen Elizabeth in Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ - believes Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll, would've been "appalled" that she was playing her in upcoming three-part BBC miniseries 'A Very British Scandal'.

She told The Sun newspaper: "I think that the outcome of this programme should not be that people like her, I hope.

“And I’m not really in the market for making dramas about people who are likeable.

“She would have hated me, she would have been appalled. I can just almost hear her, scathing, deeply, deeply disappointed that it’s me (playing her)."

Claire has told how Margaret was “belittled” and “shamed” by her private photos being leaked during her divorce from Ian Campbell in the 60s, and the actress has expressed sympathy for the early aristocratic revenge porn victim.

The 37-year-old actress said: “Fundamentally, when the chips are down and she’s being treated in the way that she’s being treated, she was belittled and shamed and put down.

“She’s had everything she’s ever wanted her entire life. She’s the apple of her dad’s eye. She thinks she can manipulate all these men.”

Margaret was the victim of a Polaroid of her - showing her naked aside from a string of pearls, alongside an unknown suitor - being leaked by her estranged husband Ian, who is played by Paul Bettany, 50, during proceedings.

The court was also given details about her romantic escapades with politicians, Hollywood icons and royals, which led to her earning the nickname ‘The Dirty Duchess'.

Claire said: “I think she had a fear of being dull, of being uninteresting."

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