Clare Balding has lost 90 percent of her hearing.

Clare Balding

Clare Balding

The 49-year-old sports presenter has admitted she currently has “about 10 percent” of her hearing left, and often resorts to “guessing” what people are saying to her because the quality of her hearing is so poor.

She said: “I really need to get my ears done. I’m at about ten per cent and I guess the rest. My wife keeps saying to me, ‘Stop shouting!’ because I’m clearly over-projecting because I can’t hear myself.”

Clare made her confession during an episode of the upcoming Dave panel show, 'Mel Giedroyc: Unforgivable’, in which stars admit their most shameful moments.

And in response to Clare’s comment, 52-year-old host Mel added: “I hear about 60 percent.”

Meanwhile, Clare - who is married to newsreader Alice Arnold - previously said she doesn't care about other people's opinions and would never look herself up online.

She said: "I'm not interested in what other people think. But I don’t think anything about me surprises others, Alice always tells me I'm an open book.

"I don't look at anything about myself [online]. You'd be mad to do so! You have to learn to protect yourself from what's out there."

And although Clare is happy with her life with Alice, she admitted she does regret not going to work out in the US when she had the opportunity to.

Asked her biggest regret back in 2017, she said: "A few years ago, I was asked to go and work abroad in America but said no because of what I might miss back here. I should have done it."

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