Claudia Winkleman is mistaken by fans for Davina McCall.

Claudia Winkleman gets mistaken by fans for Davina McCall

Claudia Winkleman gets mistaken by fans for Davina McCall

The brunette TV presenter, who sports a front fringe hairstyle exactly like Davina, says that members of the public often confuse her for the former 'Big Brother' host.

Claudia told the 'Postcards from Midlife’ podcast: “I was recognised once in a Foyles book shop, somebody came up to me and went, ‘Oh my god, I’m so pleased I’ve met you! Can you just sign this?’ And I said, ‘Of course’. And they went, ‘Thanks, Davina’.”

The 50-year-old media personality previously admitted that she has pretended to be Davina, 54, as she didn’t want to disappoint members of the public who think they have met her TV contemporary.

Claudia said: "I have resigned myself to getting mistaken for Davina McCall, and I don't want to upset people so pretend I'm her."

The 'Strictly Come Dancing' host previously suggested that her appearance is the "least interesting thing" about her and would prefer to be admired for her personality and talents.

Winkleman said: "I was brought up in a house without mirrors, so my mum is a huge believer – and my dad – in the shell is only that … What I look like, how I’ve done my eyeliner – that’s not the shiz, the stuff is the inside, the chat, the brains, the laughs, the loyalty, the kindness, the cooking an extraordinary roast chicken. What you look like is the least interesting thing about you, it’s got to be, because it is all going to fall apart, and I hope I’ve passed that onto my kids as well."