Daisy May Cooper wants to become an exorcist and front her own ghost hunting show.

Daisy May Cooper

Daisy May Cooper

The 'This Country' star - who is set to appear as a team captain on the upcoming 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks' reboot - admitted she'd also love to try her hand at a new version of 'Most Haunted'.

Asked if she'd like to be the new Yvette Fielding - who has appeared on the show since its launch in 2002 - she told The Sun newspaper's Biz TV column: "That’s a great idea.

"I really want to train to be an exorcist and just go out on the road rescuing people and clearing them of all of their demons. Sky has to make it happen!”

The 35-year-old star suggested her own home might be haunted as she said her cleaner - who is a medium - has reported on strange goings-on around the property.

She added: "My cleaner is a medium as well, so she will be saying stuff to me like, ‘Oh, just to let you know, I’ve picked up on a spirit and it likes to walk through the wardrobe and out into the bathroom, also we’ve run out of loo roll.' ”

Although Daisy hasn't spotted a ghost herself, she claimed she felt something when she was in a private hospital room earlier this year while suffering from kidney stones.

She explained that she has a device which can record "dead air", and said: "You ask questions like ‘Is anybody here?, and when you listen to it back, you’re supposed to be able to hear the ghosts.

"I did it and I heard a ghost say, ‘Don’t be afraid.' "

She's not the only TV star to "embrace" the supernatural, as Sue Perkins previously revealed she likes to talk to ghosts so they don't frighten her or her guests.

She said: "I am obsessed with ghosts. I think, 'Embrace them, say hello to them, say you can stay but be nice and have a little chat with them.' "

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