Davina McCall has admitted she dresses like a “cougar”.

Davina McCall has admitted she dresses like a ‘cougar’

Davina McCall has admitted she dresses like a ‘cougar’

The TV host, 56, who is current a panellist on ITV’s ‘The Masked Singer’, is dating hairstylist Michael Douglas – who is seven years her junior, and has now played up to her image of an older sexy woman on the series.

On Saturday’s (10.02.24) episode of the name-guessing talent show Davina dresses head to toe in leopard print – prompting host Joel Dommett, 38, to say: "Davina, can I just say you need to show off the whole outfit because it's absolutely fantastic.

“It’s a whole-body catsuit. Oh Lord! You’re dressed like a ThunderCat.”

Davina replies: “I’m a cougar.”

‘The Masked Singer’ is now at its semi-finals stage, and five contestants are set to whittled down to three.

Davina recently made headlines by saying she fears she is to blame for Donald Trump’s catastrophic US presidency.

The former ‘Big Brother’ presenter says thrusting people into fame on reality shows without them knowing what they’re getting into can be disastrous for them and society.

She said about Trump – who managed to become America’s leader after starring as a judge on ‘The Apprentice’: “I am essentially responsible for Donald Trump. Do you know what, if we pieced it all together, I could be.”

Davina also says she has sleepless nights worrying about reality stars who have struggled to cope since leaving shows such as ‘Big Brother’, which has been rebooted by ITV.

The host, who fronted the show for 11 years during its Channel 4 run, added: “It is one thing to go and do a job that could make you famous. You know what you are getting yourself into and you have to navigate your life after.

“But it is another thing to take 13 or 14 completely normal people from the street and make them famous.”