Davina McCall is returning to 'Big Brother' to celebrate the show's 20th anniversary.

Davina McCall

Davina McCall

The 52-year-old presenter - who hosted the fly-on-the-wall series for 10 years until it moved from Channel 4 to Channel 5 after the 2010 season - will team up with 'Big Brother's Bit on the Side' star Rylan Clark-Neal for an E4 special, 'Big Brother: Best Shows Ever' which will see them introduce classic episodes and memorable events from the reality show, as well as discussing their favourite moments.

Davina said in a statement: "I love the show with all of my heart and can't wait to share it with a whole new audience. And of course, all you diehard fans out there...It's good to be back. Big Brother's missed you."

Rylan - who also won the celebrity version of the show - added: "After being off air for nearly two years I'm so excited to be bringing some much-needed 'Big Brother' back to our lives.

"Over the years 'Big Brother' has brought ground breaking television moments for many reasons, but now so more than ever whilst we're all playing the role of housemates, let's go back and rewind the clock to some of our favourite ever episodes.

"There will be laughs, tears and drama, but most of all we get to relive some of 'Big Brother's greatest episodes."

Davina - who was replaced by former winner Brian Dowling and later Emma Willis as host of the show - recently called for 'Big Brother' to be "revamped" and brought back to TV.

She said: "My personal biggest moment in television, it's got to be 'Big Brother'. Eleven years that I spent on that show, I had all my babies on 'Big Brother', it was like a turning point in my career so I got to say 'Big Brother'.

"I think it needed a rest, but I definitely think it could have legs again, they'd have to really revamp it and modernise it I think it some way."

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