Duncan James "really distracts" the 'Hollyoaks' cast by "constantly" looking in the mirror to check his hair during scenes.

Duncan James

Duncan James

Jess Ellis - who plays Tegan Lomax in the Channel 4 soap - has revealed her co-star, who portrays evil killer Ryan Knight, cannot help but make sure his tresses are on point, and she has to pull him up about the habit on numerous occasions.

She said: "He's always looking at his hair and it was really distracting when we were filming in Amy's flat, because there's a giant mirror.

"He won't mind me saying that, I used to tell him constantly."

When Duncan is not checking out his locks he has been kissing Jess as his alter-ego Ryan, and she found it "weird" when they first shared a smooch because she used to have posters of the Blue singer on her wall as a youngster.

She added: "At first it was really weird kissing someone who used to be a poster on my wall, but when we began filming some of the more intense scenes we worked very closely together.

"He always wanted to talk through scenes and make sure that they were the very best that they could be, which is great."

Tegan came out of her coma - which Ryan put her in after smothering her - last month only to find out she had brain damage, and Jess has since tried to portray her character's speech "frustrations".

She told the Channel 4 website: "I spent time with doctors, patients and visited a brain injury unit in Liverpool which featured in a Louis Theroux documentary.

"The research team worked with The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT).

"I mainly tried to get across Tegan's frustration in being unable to communicate, something that she had previously found so easy and was now unable to do."

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