Duncan James was "really upset" when he found out his 'Hollyoaks' character was going to kill Jimmy Bradshaw's alter-ego.

Duncan James

Duncan James

The 40-year-old singer-and-actor was left shocked when show bosses told him his evil character Ryan Knight was going to bump off his uncle D.S. Geoff Thorpe, because he loved working with the 42-year-old star.

He said: "I was really upset about that. I love Jimmy, so it was a bit of a shock for both of us.

"But we had a lovely time working together; and really embraced those final scenes.

"We had such a laugh, even though they were pretty gruesome.

"I don't think anybody saw it coming. It's great when the show can hit the viewers with something they're not expecting like that.

"Geoff was a popular character, but the viewers know that 'Hollyoaks' has a higher death rate than any other soap. That's what keeps people gripped."

The Blue singer is surprised at just how much his character has changed since he first stepped foot in the village in August 2016, but he has loved developing the role.

He said: "It's been great. I've enjoyed the whole development of Ryan.

"I came into the show playing a straight policeman who was marrying the woman of his dreams and bringing up her children - fast-forward to now, and he's a closeted gay man who's killed multiple people.

"It's completely flipped. A lot can happen in 'Hollyoaks' in two years."

Duncan has enjoyed his time on 'Hollyoaks' - which is set in Chester and mostly filmed in Liverpool - so much he has splashed out on a house in Merseyside, which he plans to live in after he's departed the show.

He added to Inside Soap magazine: "I've had such a lovely time here, and everyone's made me feel so welcome.

"I've bought a house here in Liverpool, and I love it so much that when I finish filming, I'm going to stay. I've fallen in love with the city."

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