Dynamo practised magic tricks on "ruffians" who threatened to beat him if he messed up.



The 37-year-old magician - who real name is Steven Frayne - grew up on an estate in Bradford where he would try out his magic on youngsters, but his tough neighbourhood taught him to be brave to accomplish some of the most dangerous stunts.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, he said: "Growing up in the Delph Hill Estate, I performed magic to ruffians who would have battered me if I got it wrong. It's put me in good stead."

However, he claims one of the "riskiest things" he ever accomplished was crossing US President Donald Trump's controversial border wall between America and Mexico.

After crossing into the city of Ciudad Juarez - which has been dubbed "murder city" - Dynamo was vulnerable to drug gangs who could kidnap him.

He explained: "It was very risky. The area I crossed into is just on the outskirts of Juarez which has high cartel activity. It was very daunting. I had to try and get to a certain meeting point.

"All the camera crew was left in America. I think the adrenaline helped me keep going. It's probably one of the riskiest things I've ever attempted, but I'm so glad that I did it."

But the magician is not always so lucky.

He was once pulled over by Russian police during a sequence which saw him drive a taxi backwards while blindfolded through the streets of Moscow.

Dynamo recalled: "The police pulled us over and there was very loud shouting going on between our translator and the police. If you're a policeman and you see that happening on the road, you're going to pull them over. It was inevitable it would happen. We were lucky that we managed to drive around as much as we did before it happened."

But the magician was up to his tricks once again as the officers had watched his show and knew what he was up too.

He added: "Luckily they managed to sort it all out. It turns out my show 'Magician Impossible' had been very popular in Russia. They understood who we were and we were filming a programme. They were kind of excited."

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