Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards has been voted off 'Dancing on Ice'.

Eddie The Eagle has left the ITV show

Eddie The Eagle has left the ITV show

The 60-year-old former ski jumper and his professional skating partner Vicky Ogden have left the ITV show, after they lost in the skate-off against Amber Davies and her pro partner Simon Proulx-Senecal.

The judging panel were split on the result, until head judge Christopher Dean opted to send the former Olympian home.

Eddie previously rubbished suggestions that his sporting background would help him on 'Dancing on Ice'.

The ski jumper acknowledged that he was a "really, really bad skater".

Eddie - who competed for Great Britain at the Winter Olympics in 1988 - said: "There’s a lot of pressure now that everybody thinks I’m going to be a really, really good skater.

"I’m a really, really bad skater at the moment. It’s a completely different sport.

"When I ski I automatically get myself into a certain stance. That stance is not a good stance for skating, which is why I keep falling on my face, because I’m used to arching my back and going forwards."

Eddie also acknowledged that he's become less competitive over time.

The retired sports star - who was the focus of 'Eddie the Eagle', a biographical film, in 2016 - admitted that he simply wanted to "have fun" on the show.

He explained: "I used to be very competitive but, probably over the last 20 years, I’m just not competitive anymore, nowhere near like I used to be. I just go out and enjoy it and have fun doing things."