Elizabeth Olsen is to star as a murdering housewife in a new drama for ITVX.

Elizabeth Olsen to star in Love and Death for ITVX

Elizabeth Olsen to star in Love and Death for ITVX

The American actress, 34, is best known for her roles in hit Disney+ series 'WandaVision' as well as various MCU projects, but she is now set to play the part of Candy Montgomery - who was charged with the murder of her lover's wife in 1980, but was acquitted - in 'Love and Death'.

Elizabeth said: "I have to defend any character I play, but with this story, there was the added challenge of knowing the effect these events have had on so many people’s lives.

"But I almost have to cut that part of my brain off because, while we are telling a true story, we’re still telling a creative story.

"We have to take certain licences because these people weren’t famous; we don’t know, say, their speech patterns or other personal details. There’s a lot of room for invention."

Elizabeth will be joined in the cast by Jesse Plemons - who plays the part of Candy's lover and fellow church member - as well as Patrick Fugit as her husband Pat, and Lily Rabe as his wife Betty.

The seven-part series has been written by David E. Kelley - who is known for having created Calista Flockhart's hit legal drama series 'Ally McBeal' as well as 'The Practice' - and he explained that while he felt as if he knew some of the characters, he had no idea of what some of them would turn into.

He said: "When I consider doing any series, the first question I ask is 'Why?' And if the story has a strong plot with characters that can entertain and provoke - those are good jumping-off points.

"And all of that was in these characters. I could relate to them. I grew up in a small town too. I've been to those churches, I've seen people singing in choirs and socialising at picnics. I felt as if I knew them.

"At the same time, I didn't know what some of them, especially Candy, were capable of becoming."

'Love and Death' airs on ITVX from September 7.