Sir Elton John offered to help Kate Garraway after her husband was put into a coma.

Sir Elton John

Sir Elton John

The 73-year-old music legend reached out to the 'Good Morning Britain' co-host after Derek Draper entered hospital 100 days ago battling coronavirus, and the TV presenter admitted the 'I'm Still Standing' hitmaker has been "so kind" throughout her husband's ordeal, which has seen him become Covid-free, but he still remains seriously ill.

Kate said: "Elton John contacted me. He got in touch, he said, 'Hi Kate, It's Elton.'

"I was like, 'Elton ...' I think we do have a mutual friend. He was like, 'What can I do to help?' He said, 'I'm on board. I'll try and help.' He's incredible.

"I was so desperate, because at this point it was very hard to communicate with the hospital, so I was like, 'Yes, help. Please help.'

"At that point I put the phone down, and I was like, 'That was Elton John! I think he's going to help.' "

"He's been so kind, and David [Furnish] as well."

Robert Rinder has also been helping Kate out by going food shopping for the star and her kids - Darcey, 14, and Billy, 10, who she shares with Derek - and David Beckham also reached out to her.

She said: "Rob has been fantastic. I know him but I only knew him as much as everybody knows him as Judge Rinder.

"He text and said, 'I live really near to you, what can I do?' I thought, 'Oh nothing,' because it was crazy. But then Darcey was making a photo wall and we didn't have any Blu Tack, so I said, 'What about Blu Tack?'

"He was like, 'Ok.' We now have a system, I'll say to him, 'Can we have some butter and milk,' and he'll send back a rainbow and it's on its way.

"I've had so many messages. David Beckham sent some video clips for the children, people have been incredibly lovely.

"Amanda Holden, she texted me on Sunday, I felt so low, I read a text and I couldn't even text back, I'm sorry Amanda, she text just saying, 'I'm thinking of you, you're doing amazing,' just reading that is incredible."

Kate revealed at the weekend Derek was out of his induced coma, and while he cannot talk, she believes he can hear her.

She said: "We're FaceTiming him, and also we've put things on an iPad for him. So some of his favourite shows are playing to him - 'The West Wing', 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'.

"Lots of music - Bob Dylan, and all the music he loves. And we're talking to him.

"Because he's opening his eyes it's a strange thing. I find myself staring into his big brown eyes.

"I do believe he can hear me. There are moments when the nurses think that as well."

The TV presenter admitted Derek has made some "miracle" improvements during his 100 days in hospital, but doctors are saying it is "too early to know" what the long-term prognosis is.

She said: "It feels like a lifetime [since he's been in hospital], but they still say it's too early to know.

"He could be like this for a year. We hope we'll see improvements. But where that improvement can take us, we don't know.

"I just keep thinking, look, there was a point where his lungs were solid. He was having blood taken out of one leg, oxygen put back in it and put back in another.

"He had a ventilator with a tube. He had medicine keeping his heart going. Medicine keeping his liver going. His kidneys were totally bypassed on dialysis. He doesn't need so much of that now. That in itself is a miracle, those things recovering."

Kate - who is to return to co-host 'GMB' on Monday (13.07.20) - also admitted she has had thoughts where she feels as though she has "failed" Derek at times.

Speaking on 'Good Morning Britain' today (08.07.20), she added: "I just hope we can get him back. I've had moments where I've felt like I've failed him because I've felt he would've done something more, and I've been racking my brain.

"I know there isn't, because I know the doctors are doing everything they can, and I'm not a doctor."