There’s no denying the incredible success that the first season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones saw when it hit Netflix all the way back in 2015. Making a majorly positive impact back on critics and the wider viewing public, it became one of the most popular parts of the Marvel/Netflix collaborative shows, and will be making its return next year for what’s promised to be an exciting second season.

Krysten Ritter returns as Jessica Jones in season 2 / Credit: Netflix

Krysten Ritter returns as Jessica Jones in season 2 / Credit: Netflix

This week, Netflix have revealed a brilliant first look image from the new batch of episodes, which sees Jones back to her investigative ways. You can check it out below:

Beginning to finally put her life back together following the torment and assault from Kilgrave (David Tennant), Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) will continue on with her life in New York, despite now being known by the masses there as a super-powered killer.

When a new case lands on her doorstep, Jones finds herself confronting who she really has become, digging into her past and exploring the reasons as to why she’s become who she now is.

Rachael Taylor and Eka Darville are set to return to the series in their respective roles of Trish Walker and Malcolm Ducasse, but exactly how they and even Jones will factor into the story being told in season 2 remains to be seen. In fact, not a lot of information in regards to the plot for season 2 has yet been given, but we can bet that it’ll be just as thrilling as the show has ever been. We can’t wait to take it all in.

Jessica Jones season 2 is set for release some time in 2018. We’ll bring you more news on the show as and when we get it.

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