Gaby Roslin refuses to talk about her age.

Gaby Roslin likes to celebrate turning 33 every year

Gaby Roslin likes to celebrate turning 33 every year

The 59-year-old presenter is actually enjoying later life because she has learned "not to care" what people think of her but still likes to insist that she is in her early thirties and celebrates turning 33 every year.

She told Prima Magazine: "The unexpected joy of midlife is not caring what other people think. I love jumping and dancing in the street - I would have been too embarrassed to do that in my 20s. And not having to buy Tampax every month - that's the joy of joys!

"I don't talk about my age: I'm always 33. I'll tell you why. Every single time you read something about someone in the public eye, it always says their age for a woman, but it never says it about a man. The other reason I don't talk about it is that I don't feel it. So I tell everyone I'm 33. And every time I have a birthday, I'm 33 again because three is my lucky number. I'm alive and I thank my lucky stars; I feel that every single day and the first thing I do every morning is smile."

Meanwhile, the 'Morning Live' host - who shot to fame in the 1990s when she presented 'The Big Breakfast' alongside Chris Evans on Channel 4 - went on to insist that whilst appearing on television had always been a dream of hers, she never went into the industry seeking fame.

She added: "TV makes me happy. I wanted to be a TV presenter from the age of three. People say 'Why do you want to be on telly, do you want to be famous?' But I didn't know what that was. I just used to say 'I want to make people smile!' - and that still applies now!"