Gregg Wallace is set to become a father for a third time.

Gregg Wallace

Gregg Wallace

The 'MasterChef' star - who has two kids, Tom, 24, and Libby, 21, from his second marriage to ex Denise - has revealed he and his wife Anne-Marie, 32, are expecting their first child together, a "miracle" baby boy, as the 54-year-old food critic revealed the pair were set to undergo IVF before conceiving naturally.

In an interview with OK! Magazine, Gregg - who tied the knot with Anne-Marie in August 2016 - shared: "We were due to start IVF but then it happened naturally after two years of trying. The doctor told us it was a miracle Anna was pregnant."

The 54-year-old TV star said he'd been feeling "scared and "stressed" until they found out they are pregnant, but seeing their little baby's 12-week scan filled him with joy and made him burst into tears.

He recalled: "I've been scared and stressed since she fell pregnant but since we had the 12-week scan recently it feels joyous.

"Seeing a scan of our baby son and the strength of his heartbeat made me cry."

Gregg and his spouse already have a name for their unborn son.

Greg said: "We're going to call him Sid Massimo Wallace."

Whilst the couple are thrilled to be welcoming their first child, Gregg says they have no plans to extend their family further.

He said: "We've agreed to only have one child together - I'm too old."

Whilst Anne-Marie, who is 21 years Gregg's junior,

added that they are "blessed" to even be having one child.

She said: "I've been happy with the idea of just having one child right from the start. The fact we're having one baby is a miracle - we're blessed enough."

Further explaining that they will stop at one baby because of his age, Gregg added: "Usually when you have a child, by the time they're 20 the parents get their life back a bit, but I'll be in my 70s. So, we agreed; one child and she'd have some help here at home."

The couple's baby news comes after Gregg revealed they had been trying for a child for two years.

The former baker - who has been married four times, and divorced three times - insisted a guy who has a younger wife but denies them the chance to have kids "doesn't love her".

He said last month: "We've been trying for two years.

"When I fell in love with a much younger woman, I realised that is what she would want. I think, if an older man says to a younger woman, 'I don't really want children,' then he doesn't love her."