Harry Redknapp gets "shut down" seven times on ‘The Wheel’ tomorrow night (08.01.22).

Harry Redknapp shut down by game show contestants on The Wheel

Harry Redknapp shut down by game show contestants on The Wheel

The football manager, 74, appears on the Michael McIntyre-fronted game show on Saturday, but some of the contestants weren't too confident he would know the answers to the questions asked, so they put him in the programme's "red zone".

The show - which host Michael has described as a human roulette wheel - consists of seven celebrities assigned as an expert in different subjects, and they all sit around a wheel mounted on the stage and are chosen at random by the spin of a smaller wheel.

In each round after the contestants pick a subject they must assign who they deem an expert, which is highlighted by a gold light, and who they would like to “shut down” - the person thought of as least likely to know much about that particular subject.

Former 'I'm A Celebrity' star Harry is sent to the red zone for topics based on food, social media, and words, after admitting his specialist subject was football managers.

He says: “I don’t cook anything, and I don’t check social media. I hаve plenty of words, but they аre not repeаtаble."

Michael, 45, jokes the legendary football boss had been shut down more than a dozen times.

He says: “For the 14th time tonight you have been shut down.”

At the end of the show, Michael reflects on the game and says Harry may as well have stayed at home with his wife Sandra Redknapp.

The comedian says: “It is brutal. Unbelievable. Harry could have stayed home with Sandra and had a lovely meal in Sandbanks and we could have spun the chair around in red all night.”

‘The Wheel’ episode featuring Harry is available to watch at 8:30pm on BBC One on Saturday night.