Outnumbered's Daniel Roche has claimed his co-stars Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner have been dating for "years".

Hugh Dennis

Hugh Dennis

The 18-year-old actor - who played Pete (Hugh) and Sue (Claire) Brockman's troublesome son Ben in the BBC sitcom - has confirmed his on-screen parents are together and are "having a good time".

During a Q&A shared live on Instagram on Sunday (01.07.18), he said: "Yep, the 'Outnumbered' parents, they are together.

"They've been doing it for years, they've been going out for years. They are together, they're having a good time. It's all nice."

The pair starred alongside each other for almost a decade, and are believed to have started dating after both of their marriages broke down.

Hugh, 56, recently said he and Claire, 53, are both "very happy".

He said: "I am very, very happy, we are so very happy. It's nice and yes, it's so lovely."

The couple are believed to live together in the £1.2 million London penthouse flat Hugh bought after he and his second wife, Kate Abbot-Anderson, split in 2015.

Claire broke up with her husband Charles Palmer two and a half years ago and she and Hugh reportedly started dating a year ago.

A friend said: "They are very much in love and have been for the last year. It's the most wonderful love story, they found one another at the right time in their lives and it's all rather sweet.

"Over the past few weeks there has been some talk within the acting world of them being an item."

Their pals said to be thrilled that the couple have found happiness together.

An insider said: "It's always a sad moment when a marriage breaks up. So to have found each other after the ending of both their relationships is rather lovely.

"They were going through marriage breakdowns at very similar times, but it was quite a while after their separations that they got together last year.

"Between the end of the last series of 'Outnumbered' in 2014 and the Christmas special in 2016, they didn't actually see each other for two years.

"They've always been really friendly but they were living their own lives until they were both single."