Hugh Dennis got thrown in a wheelie bin during filming for 'The Couple Next Door'.

Hugh Dennis ended up in a wheelie bin

Hugh Dennis ended up in a wheelie bin

The 61-year-old actor and comedian plans Alan in the new Channel 4 psychological drama, and he admitted his co-star Sam Heughan apologised for "how hard" he had to push him.

He said: "Sam throws me in a wheelie bin. That was great. I didn't have any scenes with Alfie or Eleanor, but everybody's there at the same time.

"You're sitting around, everybody has lunch together. And Sam apologises for how hard he's had to thrust me into the wheelie bin.

"It's always nice to have good people around, because half of it in acting is the downtime, isn't it?"

The 'Not Going Out' star admitted he tried to bring a contrast to his "dark" character.

He added: "He's a guy with almost no redeeming features. And he is dark.

"The briefing notes say he is a 'peeping Tom', but the way I was trying to play him is a man dealing with ageing very badly.

"His frustration and melancholy turns to bitterness, which made him very interesting to me."

The show follows Evie (Eleanor Tomlinson) and Pete (Alfred Enoch) as they move into an "upscale neighbourhood" and strike up a friendship with Danny (Sam) and Becka (Jessica De Gouw) next door.

Dennis has admitted while it's a departure for him, he didn't think much of it.

He explained: "Well, people come from all sorts of different places, don't they? It's learning on the job.

"I don’t go, ‘Oh my God, I've come from a comedy background,’ any more than Steve Coogan does. It is just what's there and you play it.

"You've got to get inside it somehow and understand what makes that character tick. I think quite often the route that people take are not necessarily the routes that they have decided for themselves."