Jake Quickenden had to be rushed to hospital after suffering a painful injury while shooting 'Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins'.

Jake Quickenden

Jake Quickenden

The 33-year-old star was in agony after "ripping the tendons from his bones" and the injury ultimately forced him to withdraw from the show altogether.

Jake explained: "The realisation that I couldn’t go on any further was a nightmare.

"It hurt, but I wasn’t bothered about the pain. I was just so annoyed that it meant my time was done and my journey was finished. I’m just absolutely devastated."

Jake suffered the excruciating injury when he tried to pull himself onto a boat at sea.

The TV star subsequently underwent surgery and is now facing months of rehabilitation.

He told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "I ruptured my pec muscle and my bicep, so the tendons were torn straight off the bone.

"I had to have them stretched back to my shoulder. I have got four pins in my shoulder now where they are all pinned back into place.

"After the operation, I had no feeling in my arm at all for 48 hours. It was like my arm was totally gone."

Meanwhile, Ulrika Jonsson recently likened joining 'SAS: Who Dares Wins' to pressing a "reset button".

The 54-year-old TV presenter was at a particularly low ebb in her life when she received an invite from Channel 4, and although she was "fit for nothing" at the time, Ulrika was determined to take on the challenge.

Ulrika - who divorced her third husband, Brian Monet, in 2019 - said: "I had never watched much of the show. Danger and terror doesn’t entertain me, it frightens me.

"So the snippets I had seen would set my heart racing to such an extent I’d have to switch channels for fear of being physically sick at what others were being forced to endure.

"But at the time I needed a way of pressing some kind of reset button."