James May thinks electric vehicles aren’t “really good enough”.

James May thinks electric vehicles aren’t good enough

James May thinks electric vehicles aren’t good enough

The 61-year-old TV star - who previously hosted the motoring show ‘Top Gear’ with Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond - has admitted that he's “still conflicted” over electric vehicles due to their lacklustre range.

During an episode of the ‘Inercooler Podcast’, he said: "I'm still conflicted about electric cars.

"I've had six now ... there's a lot I like about them. I like the silence, it feels like magic and ‘Star Trek’ to me ... it's fantastic.

"But I still think the ambition is way ahead of the battery technology, it's still not really good enough."

The 'Grand Tour’ presenter then criticised the “ultra-rapid” charging companies like Audi and Tesla. By contrast, James pointed to his Porsche 911, which can fill its petrol tank within a few minutes.

He explained: "You cannot get around the problem of even a quick charge taking 15 or 20 minutes. I'm actually boring enough to have timed this.

"I do stop in my 911, which has a famously large petrol tank, and fill it up ... and it can just be three minutes.

"I am a bad ambassador for the electric car really ... [but] I think we've known since the beginning of the 20th century that electric motors are the most sensible way to power a car."

Since leaving 'Top Gear, James has enjoyed huge success with 'The Grand Tour' on Amazon.

And the TV star has refused to rule out reuniting with Jeremy and Richard for another motoring show one day.

Asked about the possibility of them working together on another show, James told BBC Radio 4: "I can't reveal that because the brutal truth is I don't know yet. But I do still speak to them.

"I wouldn't rule it out, but you do have to bear in mind that we're all getting on a bit."