James Moore doesn't believe the world is "ready" for disability to be "normalised" on screen.

James Moore as Ryan Emma Atkins as Charity

James Moore as Ryan Emma Atkins as Charity

The 'Emmerdale' actor - who, like his character Ryan Stocks, has cerebral palsy - insists he "doesn't mind" being talked about as a star who has the lifelong condition, and while he isn't expecting to see disability completely normalised on the small screen anytime soon, he is pleased improvements are being made throughout the industry.

In response to a fan who insisted he should be referred to purely as "an actor" rather than "an actor with cerebral palsy", he tweeted: "To be honest I don't mind it. It kinda categorises me but it's a slow push to normalise disability on screen because really, the world still isn't ready for it, but we're getting there. (sic)"

James has received a mixed reaction from 'Emmerdale' fans online since his emergence on the soap, with many backing him but some viewers have claimed they cannot understand him.

However, he has felt "emotional" by the strong support network of 'Emmerdale' fans there are online, and admits such supporters should feel "proud" of themselves.

He wrote on Twitter: "I am utterly astounded and emotional by the community of fans brought together by ED who look out for each other, help one another and keep faith in times of trouble. We have a community of friends and that's something to be proud of. It's so heartwarming how amazing you all are. (sic)"

Last month, James hit back at trolls by suggesting they use subtitles if they cannot understand him on 'Emmerdale'.

He wrote: "To everyone who says they can't understand me in Emmerdale, I have compiled this easy to use guide for your viewing pleasure. Simply set the option to 'English ' and enjoy. (sic)"

And the star insists he is "not bothered" by some of the viewer reaction to his appearance on the soap.

He tweeted: "Just to clarify- I'm not bothered, I just thought this was funny (sic)"

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