James Nesbitt found filming 'Suspect' to be a "thrilling" experience.

James Nesbitt loved filming the Channel 4 show

James Nesbitt loved filming the Channel 4 show

The 57-year-old actor relished playing Danny Frater - a police detective tasked with finding the killer of his estranged daughter Christina - in the Channel 4 series, and James approached the project as "an opportunity" to showcase his talents.

James told Metro: "It was thrilling, demanding and an affirmation of why I still love the job – an opportunity to show myself what I could do. This was a job where I could form a relationship with the person I was playing and not be scared by it, but embrace it."

The veteran star found it tough to maintain the momentum of the character due to the COVID-19 rules that surrounded the project.

James said: "The real challenge for me was sustaining Danny and being alert to what the other characters were saying to me.

"The week before the first episode, we’d do a read-through and rehearse for a day, then shoot for four days. Then I’d have a couple of days off to learn the next episode, come in and spend a day talking about the script, and then shoot again."

James also praised the "authenticity and preparation" of the cast - which includes Anne-Marie Duff, Sam Heughan and Richard E Grant - and he explained that it pushed him to be better.

The actor - who is perhaps best known for playing Adam Williams in 'Cold Feet' - confessed to being "very competitive" on set.

He said: "Everyone brought such authenticity and preparation and threw themselves at it, which I love. I enjoy a kick up the a*** because I’m very competitive."