Jane Danson admires Leanne Battersby's fighting spirit in 'Coronation Street' - even though it often creates trouble for her character.

Jane Danson

Jane Danson

The 42-year old star's alter ego has found herself in danger after drugs kingpin Harvey discovered she's been working with the police in a bid to bring him down, but she insists that her character will keep fighting for herself and son Simon.

Jane told Digital Spy: "Sometimes she's not incredibly likeable and people get frustrated, but I quite like that because it's staying true to character.

"They're not just working around a story, they keep the essence of what Leanne would do. Her go-to is defence and she shouts a lot. It's bravado, a lot of it, because inside she's quite vulnerable. They are staying true to her character. She's always had that fight even when she's hardly got anything left, there'll always be a little bit in the tank."

Jane thinks of Leanne as being a "fighter".

However, she admits she's sometimes too feisty for her own good.

She continued: "I had this great line the other day where she says (to Harvey): 'You might do this and you might do that, but I will fight you back! I can fight and I will.'

"I'm like: 'Leanne just shut up! Just do as you're told.' She's always got that fight, and I love that.

"Even throughout all the Oliver stuff, and the court case and switching off the machine, she fought and she fought and she fought. That's something that, as a character trait, I feel really strongly about. because that's who she is - she is a fighter."