Jayne Torvill thinks she'll "cry" if the 'Dancing on Ice' contestants get upset by their comments.

Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean

Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean

The 60-year-old skater and her professional partner Christopher Dean are making the move from coaches to judges on the revamped version of the show and though they'll leave the mean remarks to Jason Gardiner, they want their feedback to be constructive.

Chris said: "We're fine with Jason's acid tongue. We're going t be giving honest critiques but in a positive way.

"Ashley will bring some nice balance - he has lots of enthusiasm"

Jayne added: "I don't like upsetting people. If they cry, I'll most probably be crying with them."

But it's not only after the judges' comments the pair are expecting to see tears on the show.

Jayne explained: "There's also a tunnel connecting the practice rink to the main rink and we might see some tears there. Chris is calling it 'the tunnel of doom'."

And the pair also teased a new twist to the format.

Discussing the changes to the show, Chris, 59, told OK! magazine: "The professionals doing the choreography will build the pressure with their celebrity partners.

"There are some little twists to the format too. Let's just say viewers may have the chance to save their favourite person...

"It feels like the right time [to be back]. We felt like we'd done as much as we could and we were ready for a rest. It'll have a fresh feel but it's still all about jeopardy in lycra and sequins."