Jools Holland would love for Stevie Wonder to guest star on the 50th anniversary series of 'Later ... Live with Jools Holland'.

Jools Holland

Jools Holland

The 59-year-old musician is set to celebrate the shows milestone, and although he believes he has been "incredibly lucky" with the artists who have performed on the programme, he hopes one day he will be able to pin down the 'Superstition' hitmaker and book him to wow the audience on his musical programme in the future as he has "never" been in the country when Jools has previously invited him.

Speaking in an interview with Sara Cox on BBC Radio Two's breakfast show on Tuesday (11.04.17), the television presenter said: "I have been incredibly lucky - I have had the best job in the world doing this. I think we've had most people on ... It would have been nice to have had Bach, perhaps maybe Diana Washington, but I think, with the living, we've done pretty well.

"Stevie Wonder we haven't had on, only because he's never been in the country at the right time. But largely we've had everyone. Sometimes we've had people and I don't think they even knew they were on themselves."

'Later ... with Jools Holland' debuted in 1992 and today's episode will mark the first instalment as part of it's 50th anniversary series, as well as its 25th year on air, and will see musicians, including The XX and Jamiroquai take to the stage, whilst 'Castle on the Hill' hitmaker Ed Sheeran will perform in the following weeks.

And the pianist believes the mix of various artists on the show has contributed to the programmes longevity and success.

He explained: "I think that's the great thing with the show because there's always different people ... seeing the artists in that room watching one another ... and then becoming friends and having their ears and minds opened to other styles of music.

"The great thing is that you're never quite sure what's going to happen

"How are they [Stormzy and Blondie] going to get on? That's the thing, if people do get on, that's one of the things that makes the show unique. It's the mix of people in the room ... you want old legends of music and you want brand new people. We try to have that mix every week."

'Later.. Live with Jools Holland' will air the 50th eight-part series on BBC Two on Tuesday at 10pm.