Channel 4 is set to launch a new show similar to ITV's 'Long Lost Family'.

Davina McCall

Davina McCall

The award-winning show, which is fronted by Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell, has proved a huge success since it hit screens six years ago but now it'll have to up the game if it wants to stay on top as Channel 4 are planning to create their own programme called 'One Click Away' which aims to reunite family members.

A flyer for the new show, obtained by the Daily Mirror newspaper, reads: "Have you lost touch with your mum and dad but know where they are? Maybe you can see your sibling on social media even though you've not spoken? 'One Click Away' follows people as they make contact with a family member they no longer speak to."

And to ensure the reunions all go swimmingly, there will be a separation expert on hand to guide the family members once initial contact is made on social media.

Meanwhile, although Davina is busy with the forthcoming series of 'Long Lost Family', the 50-year-old presenter would like to see the return of 'Don't Try This At Home'.

When asked which TV shows she would love to see revived, she said recently: "Maybe 'Don't Try This at Home' should come back but they'd need someone lunatic enough to present it. I bungee jumped out of a helicopter over Grand Canyon on that show, walked across a rope between two sky scrapers with only a net beneath and drove across a valley on two iron girders. It was terrifying. I got pregnant and couldn't go back as I didn't want danger with a little person to look after."

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